Hope House

Our Vision

The lobby of our Hope Building has always been a great place for us to meet up, hang out, and connect as a church. We love community and we love coffee, so we combined the two and made our lobby even better!

We started a ministry to brew craft coffee and update our Hope lobby. We put in new furniture and started updating the decor and lighting. But plot twist! We are now upgrading and moving our coffee and community over to the Harvest Building, where we will continue working on creating a welcoming space for our community hangouts.

Our vision remains the same: to create a collaborative space for VOH family and friends to slow down, build community, and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Our Name

The name Hope House appropriately summarizes the history and mission of VOH.

We were able to purchase our Hope Building in 2014 through the efforts and collective generosity of our entire church. Our English congregation moved in and in this past half decade, many of us have come to call this place home.

As we continue on, we want to carry a remembrance of where we came from and where we are going. We want many more to call this place home and we are a house that is bringing hope to our city, the nations, and the world.


Our soft launch kicked off on Sunday, March 17, 2019 and we have enjoyed the process of getting things up and running and also being able to roll out new drinks and offer more than just coffee! As of September 2019, we are moving from the Hope Building over to the Harvest Building (yay for a bigger space!) so that coffee can be available at Harvest as we transition to two services. Renovations will be rolling out over the next few months and because we are in a different space than originally planned, our timeline for settling in will now take a little longer! We're still working out kinks and we appreciate your support and patience in all of this.

Early Backer Details

We are so moved to be witnesses of our community's togetherness and generosity.

From February 3rd through February 10th, we held a quick 7-day fundraiser. We were aiming to collect $3000 to get started but our church community contributed just over $10,000 towards this project!

If you were an early backer, refer to the rewards tab for a list of your benefits.

Aaron Lee * Albert Tsang * Allen Lee * Ancle Hsu * Andrew Lin * Andrew Prawato * Angela Ang * Annie Chen * Bea Teng * Benson Trenh * Carol Lu * Carolyn Canzano * Carrie Yang * Catherine Hu * Cathy Yang * Ching Wu * Ching-Wei Huang * Chris Leung * Christina Lee * Connie Lai * Daniel Roan * Daniel Soong * David Chang * Dennis Liu * Eurie Im * Evana Lee * Evangeline Liu * Gary Lim * Glen Taylor * Grace Chen * Haihui Shen * Haw Tai * Helen Gu * Irene Pan * Ivy Yin * Jessica Ko * Job Ang * Joe Li * Joey Liu * Josh Kao * Joycelyn Choo * Kaleb Lee * Katherine Wu * Kayla Kwan * Kevin Lin * Kristine Yeh * Lake Chau * Lian Yi * Lily Huang * Lucy Wen * Marianna Kwan * Michael Chen * Michael Ha * Nathaniel Yong * Nina Chou * Palmer Lai * Patty Lee * Peter Liu * Pui Wah Kwan * Rachel Gaw * Raymond Yu * Ruth Yong * Sarah Liu * Shirleen Chen * Stephanie Tsang * Steve Yang * Steven Gee * Susie Lew * Susie Xie * Tamie Ang * Tammy Chen * Teresa Lee * Terra Chan * Terry Khor * Thomas Wang * Tiffany Yu * Tyler Wong * Valerie Hui * Vivian Chau * Wendy Chang * Wendy Chou

The First Sip
Price: $10
Benefits & Rewards: Receive any 1 beverage of your choice from the menu. The VOH Hope House webpage will feature your name in the Thank You section for early backers. Receive the right to submit 1 name to the Naming Committee for Hope Cafe official name.

Catalyst Quartet
Price: $20
Benefits & Rewards: All previous rewards. Receive an additional 3 beverages of your choice from the menu.

Price: $59
Benefits & Rewards: All previous rewards. Your name will be engraved into a metal placard of appreciation permanently mounted and featured on the Hope House coffee bar. Receive an exclusive invite to Hope House Reserve Event at a future date.

Annual Pass
Price: $99 ($208 value!)
Benefits & Rewards: All previous rewards. For 1 year, receive one free beverage from the menu each Sunday.

Hope Signature
Price: $129 ($238 value!)
Benefits & Rewards: All previous rewards. Receive a swag reward at the 1 year anniversary. Your beverage always gets fast pass privileges.

*Please note the fast pass privilege will be available starting at our official launch.

Members Only
Price: $499 (Assuming you drink coffee for 50 more years, at least a $10,400 value!)
Benefits & Rewards: You are entitled to lifetime coffee (one free cup per week).

The Good Samaritan
Price: $2000 (Assuming you drink coffee for 50 more years, at least a $10,400 value + lifetime legacy!)
Benefits & Rewards: All previous rewards. A mainstay beverage sold by Hope House will be named after you.

*Purchases of early backer rewards are not tax-deductible.

Hope House Goals

Soft Opening – $3150

$1,300 – Coffee Service Bar
$500 – Cups, lids, sleeves (1 year)
$1,000 – Kitchen equipment
$200 – Coffee Beans (1 year)
$150 – Payment Processing

Official Launch – $3250

$400 – Workspace counter
$400 – LED Tube lighting
$500 – Center TV couch + cushions
$200 – 3 square tables (no bases)
$900 – Centerpiece Table + Chairs
$300 – 6 chairs for square tables
$200 – Shelving and decorations
$350 – Miscellaneous

Compliance – $3600

$500 – Dedicated refrigerator/freezer
$2500 – Hidden compliance costs
$600 – Operating Cash


What forms of payment will you take?
What are the menu items?
Will you only be serving coffee?
Where are the beans sourced?
Can I customize my drink?
When will reward benefits kick in?
How can I get involved?

Interested In Helping?

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