A New Harvest

A multiethnic church is a church with a heart for the world.

Our Calling

Historically, Chinese immigrant churches across America have been passionate about ministering and outreaching to immigrants and those from Asian countries, especially countries they are familiar with. Although Vineyard of Harvest started as a Chinese immigrant church, we believe that God has given us a global call– to have kingdom impact on the Chinese community but also, to have kingdom impact on mainstream America and the nations. God has been opening the doors for us to become a ethnically diverse church that reflects His heart for all people and we want to be responsive to His leading.

As our Chinese congregation continues to reach out to the Chinese community, we want to simultaneously position and empower our English congregation for multiethnic impact. This is a call that can only be accomplished together, with both congregations embracing our role as a Kingdom-driven church that reaches all kinds of men, women, and children from every race and nation and in every stage of life.

Next Steps

In the coming years, we will begin moving in this direction and our heart is to see multiple services and congregations happening at Vineyard of Harvest to meet the needs of the ethnically diverse communities around us and bring all kinds of people into the Kingdom.  

The first step we are taking will be to move both English and Chinese services into the Harvest Building to have service at two different times. By having both the Chinese and English congregations operating in one building, we move towards establishing the unity of our church as one body to fulfill the mission of becoming a multiethnic expression of the Kingdom of God.

How This Change Helps

  • Having two services in the same building will cultivate an environment to practice cross-cultural awareness and ministry that values the strengths of each culture

  • Church members from both congregations will have the opportunity to fellowship, fostering greater collaboration and unity

  • Mentors for our young adults and youth has been an ongoing need– now there will be more opportunities for Chinese congregation members to mentor the next generation of English congregation members

  • More opportunities will arise for people and families in the same life stages from both congregations to build community and support one another

  • The English congregation has outgrown the current space in the Hope Building– moving to the Harvest Building gives space for the English congregation to continue growing and expanding

  • Vineyard Kids volunteer base will be strengthened– people will have more options to serve while still being able to attend one service

  • The Youth Service will have space to grow by moving to the Hope Building sanctuary


What time will the services be?
We plan to have the Chinese service start at 9:45 am and the English service start at 11:15 am.

Why does the English service get the 11am service time?
Because our vision is to reach a multiethnic community, we would like to position the English service during the time slot that is most conducive to reaching that demographic. Having said that, we researched the other Chinese-speaking churches in our area and found that many of them offer 9am services. Based on this, we believe we can still effectively reach the Chinese-speaking community with an earlier service.

Will there be a children’s program for both services?

Will breakfast and lunch be available?
Yes, the Hope House will sell coffee before and after service. We also intend to have simple breakfast and lunch items available.

Will there be Sunday School?
Yes, we plan to have English Sunday school during the Chinese service and Chinese Sunday school during the English service.

When is this happening?
We plan to start the two services sometime between September 2019 and January 2020.

What will the Hope Building be used for?
The Hope Building will be used for next generation ministry. The youth service is currently outgrowing their space so they will move to the sanctuary. Also, all staff offices will move to the Hope Building so that all space in the Harvest Building can be maximized for ministry purposes.