This Sunday at VOH

Hey guys,

I met a friend 17 years ago in one of my first classes in seminary. His name is TO KYONG. He is Korean, but he is called to China. When I met him, he had just gotten married and was about to graduate from seminary then head to China.

He’s been in China ever since and has been hosting evangelistic youth camps all over China. And I have gotten reconnected with them recently.

His wife, Faith Kyong, happens to be in Los Angeles this weekend, and we arranged a while back for her to come share with us this Sunday. She will be speaking from Mark 11:12-14. The title of the message is “Spiritual Life vs. Religious Life.”


P.S. So interesting how God is reconnecting old friendships these days. Many of you know Pastor Brian Park who has come speak a few times and will preach at the youth retreat this summer. TO KYONG is the one who introduced Brian to me 17 years ago.