James Choung This Weekend

Dear VOH Family-
Just a heads up that James Choung will be with us this Sunday to continue our series on experiencing the kingdom of God together. James is the national director of evangelism for InterVarsity Fellowship and is now officially a VOH missionary.

The title of his message will be “Right and Might.” Below is a little description of his message:

In the Kingdom of God, both truth and zeal need to be fully lived out. Zeal without truth means you won’t be doing it rightly, and thus fall outside of God’s design. Jesus must be the way forward; that is how things are designed. Truth without zeal tends to lead to a judgmentalism, which also kills the spirit. You wait on the side, instead of stepping deeply into His Kingdom fully. How can you worship with all of your might? What are you embarrassed by? What risks of faith is Jesus’ calling you to?
Hope to see you!